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Toyota Stacker Trucks

Take a look at Easy Truck’s range of Toyota electric stacker trucks, available for purchase or hire. With pedestrian, platform and ride-on models to browse through, we have Toyota BT Staxios for every application.

Key Features

For lifting, stacking, and transporting pallets and loads within a limited area, stacker trucks efficiently reduce operator strain and improve productivity.

Similar in operation to pallet trucks, stacker trucks additionally feature a mast that allows for loads to be mechanically lifted to different heights for distribution or as a workstation – something pallet trucks do not account for.

Used across warehousing, factory, and distribution operations, our Toyota electric stacker trucks allow for pallets and loads to be easily transported, even in tight or confined spaces.

More Details

Easy Truck has been serving the Midlands with Toyota Materials Handling Equipment for 15 years. We’re a team of knowledgeable and approachable industry experts, who are dedicated to making the purchase or hire of Toyota equipment accessible.

Our service is complete with SLAs, as well as maintenance and service contracts.

Pedestrian Stacker

Designed for control by a pedestrian operator, the electrically powered Toyota Pedestrian BT Staxio is a reliable option for both low and high intensity applications across short distances.

Ergonomic Design

Fit with a control handle for comfortable use and complete with an emergency ‘belly button’ that will briefly reverse the truck if pressed to avoid trapping, resulting in an easy-to-operate and safe design.

Safe Control

Pedestrian operator control is enforced through a central steering arm for ease of bi-directional turning. A click to creep feature is also available for reduced speed in tight spaces.

Key Features

One of the key features of the BT Staxio is its durable 5-point chassis, allowing for stability even on ramps and uneven surfaces – perfect for loading bays and other areas.

More Details

Additional model options including a compact design option; straddle support arms for handling a variety of pallet sizes; and a retractable mast.

Platform Stacker

Suitable for intensive applications, such as handling multiple pallets simultaneously or transportation of heavy loads across longer distances.

Operator Platform

The platform stacker truck features a driving platform for the operator to stand on, reducing fatigue when travelling longer distances. The platform can also be flipped up for pedestrian operation.

Intensive Applications

The platform model is driven, as opposed to guided, by the operator, making it preferrable for carrying out heavy-duty work and long-distance travel.

Key Features

As with the pedestrian model, the BT Staxio Platform features ease of operation and steering, with click to creep manoeuvrability for speed reduction in tight spaces.

More Details

There is versatility across the Toyota BT Staxio P-series with models for specific applications such as handling multiple loads and more demanding terrain.

Stand-In Stacker

Also known as a ride-on, the stand-in Toyota stacker features both the BT Staxio D-model and LN-model, ensuring drivers on larger sites can travel across distances efficiently. A choice in models allows for operators to select the most appropriate vehicle for their application.


The D-Model utilises a lithium-ion battery for increased uptime and optimised battery charging, and offers enhanced performance as a double stacker truck, handling double EURO pallets at one time.


The LN model excels in confined spaces and narrow aisles, including operations such as block stacking and stacking loads at elevated heights.

Key Features

Both models ensure safe and ergonomic operation, featuring support arms for stability on uneven surfaces with the D-Model featuring elevating support arms.

More Details

Drivers can sit or stand in the adjustable driver compartment, which is designed with enhanced visibility and easy-to-reach controls.

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