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Toyota Pallet Trucks

The space-saving equipment designed for easy handling of palleted loads. Easy Truck has a range of manual and electric Toyota pallet trucks available for hire and purchase. Discover more about our pedestrian, platform and ride on pallet trucks below.

Key Features

For warehouses, factories and commercial environments, pallet trucks are an essential piece of equipment. Whether used in replacement of or addition to forklifts, pallet trucks make the transportation of palleted loads simple.
This cost-effective materials handling equipment saves on space whilst still being able to transport loads of up to 3000kg. With so many options to choose from, Easy Truck’s Toyota pallet trucks make finding the right materials handling equipment straightforward.

More Details

At Easy Truck, we supply a range of Toyota pallet trucks for all applications. From ground level, to heights of 800mm, our manual and electric pallet trucks meet all operational requirements.
Toyota pallet trucks provide reliable functionality for decades with the right maintenance. Easy Truck offers pallet truck service and maintenance contracts so that your equipment continues to function as expected throughout its lifetime.


Our Toyota BT Lifter and Levio models are some of our standout products for hand and electric pallet trucks.

Manual Pallet Trucks

Our BT Lifter series is designed to account for all environments and operations:

  • Lifter Standard. Standard model for all-round performance in most applications.
  • Quick Lifter. Lift and transport loads quicker for increased productivity.
  • Lifter Wet Spec. For safe operation in moderately wet and humid environments.
  • Lifter Silent. Produces minimal noise when in operation.
  • Pro Lifter. Requires reduced starting force for decreased operator strain.
  • High Lifter Manual. Suitable for operations including transport, order picking, or use as a workstation.
  • Lifter Galvanised. Galvanised metal for durability in corrosive environments.
  • Lifter Stainless. Stainless steel and non-corrosive components for increased resistance to corrosion.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Our BT Levio models are as follows:

  • 1.3T Compact Powered Pallet Truck. A compact design for narrow aisle and on-board vehicles.
  • 1.4T Powered Pallet Truck. Small truck with a load capacity suitable for light intensity usage.
  • 1.6T Powered Pallet Truck. Suitable for medium to heavy-duty usage up to 1600kg.
  • 1.8T Powered Pallet Truck. Increased load capacity for medium to heavy-duty usage.
  • 1.6T Lithium-ion. Features a Li-ion battery for reduced weight and increased energy efficiency.
  • 2.0T Powered Pallet Truck. For the transport of heavy loads up to 2000kg.
  • 2.5T Powered Pallet Truck. Our highest load capacity truck, designed for very heavy loads up to 2500kg.


The BT Levio Powered Pallet Truck with Platform features an operator’s platform, allowing the operator to stand on the pallet truck during transportation. Suitable for transportation across longer distances where transportation by hand is not practical.

Mounted Operation

Mounted operation on Toyota platform pallet trucks allows for increased mobility and transportation ease for medium to heavy intensity loads. A smooth drive ensures ergonomic mounted operation.

Compact Design

This compact design is easy to operate around indoor environments, helping to achieve safe operation.

Key Features

The platform pallet truck is designed with a folding, flip-down platform for increased manoeuvrability. It also features foldable side gates for operator stability and safety.

More Details

The load capacity of Easy Truck’s Toyota platform pallet truck ranges between 2.0-2.5T with maximum speeds of 12.5km/h, dependent on model. For more details on the platform pallet truck, enquire with us today.


The BT Levio 2T Stand-In Low Lifter ride on, or stand in, powered pallet truck minimises strain on the operator with an enclosed driver compartment, making moving heavy loads stress-free.

Space-Saving Choice

The ride-on pallet truck is a space-efficient materials handling equipment and can be easily manoeuvred around narrow aisles with 180° or 360° steering.

Transportation Across Distances

Designed for comfort during extensive operator shifts, the ride-on pallet truck is practical and safe for operators when transporting across distances.

Key Features

The ride-on pallet truck is an electric model, fitted with a low maintenance Lithium-ion battery for extended uptime. Reach speeds of up to 12.5km/h.

More Details

Safety is ensured with Toyota’s ride-on, with automatic speed reduction whilst navigating corners and operator presence sensing.

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