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Toyota Order Pickers

Utilise vertical space by effortlessly reaching high shelving and racking with Toyota Order Pickers. With light duty, low-level and high-level models available, browse through Easy Truck’s range of Order Pickers, as the official Toyota dealer for the Midlands area.

Key Features

Utilising rechargeable batteries for an emission-free operation, our range of electric forklifts excel in indoor environments. Our Toyota Electric Forklifts feature lead-acid based batteries as standard, however are further available with lithium-ion based batteries for operations requiring greater capacity.

Perfect for warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing facilities, electric forklifts provide a significantly quieter operation compared to internal combustion engine counterparts. They also produce less vibration, and generally have lower operating costs.

More Details

Easy Truck is your local supplier of Toyota Forklifts, offering you a friendly and knowledgeable service to help match your business with the right materials handling product. Talk to a member of our team for more information about hiring our electric forklifts, or discover more below.

Light Duty Order Pickers

Our Toyota BT Optio light-duty range is designed for the easy and comfortable picking of loads up to 1000kg, with a maximum picking height of 2800mm.

Lightweight Loads

This model utilises a lightweight design, which is suitable for picking smaller, low weight items in operations on first and second level. For lightweight loads, the light duty picker is convenient to both store and operate.

Adaptable to Your Needs

The BT Optio order picker is available as a standard model, or can be modified with ladders or a wide trolley connection for compatibility with a range of operational needs.

Key Features

The key features of the Toyota light duty picker include a lead acid or Li-ion battery, a low step in-height, and easy trolley connection. Fast attaching and detaching of trolleys makes building a stable train of trolleys simple.

More Details

Intuitive operation systems include a steering wheel and a hand grip with integrated direction control. Safety is ensured during operation with a PIN code access and a self-levelling platform.

Low Level Order Picker

Toyota’s low level order picker series is suitable for high-intensity order picking at first and second level, handling loads of up to 2500kg with ease.

Increased Load Capacity

This model is built for handling heavier loads, whilst retaining low level operation (up to 2800mm), for complete versatility and reliability across your operations.

Varied Series

The BT Optio Low Level series is available with a variety of forks and platform types – including scissor lift forks and elevating platforms, ensuring you can select the most appropriate model.

Key Features

The low-level picker is controlled via an E-man steering system for one handed operation, allowing operators to elevate platforms up to second level.

More Details

One of the standout features of the Toyota low level picker is its speed control, ensuring operational safety especially when navigating bends, and BT Power Drive for an advanced integrated drive and control system.

High Level Order Pickers

The Toyota BT Optio is a high-level picker that prioritises safety for operators when reaching heights of up to 12,100mm.

Stability at Height

Designed for performance when picking items at elevated heights, the Toyota High Level picker offers unrivalled stability and safety for both operators and bulky loads.

Spacious, Comfortable Cabin

Complete with a spacious cabin which is easy to step into, the high-level picker cabin is fit with storage compartments and adjustable controls for operator comfort.

Key Features

A choice of chassis widths ensuring compatibility with the lift height and load capacity requirements of the equipment.

The high-level model is suitable for both free-ranging and rail or wire guided applications.

More Details

The Toyota BT Optio High Level is a Smart truck – meaning it can be paired with management software for detailed insights into the vehicle.

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