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BT Optio Light Duty Picker


Power: Electric and Lithium-Ion
Load Capacity: 1000 kg
Voltage: 24 Volt


BT Optio Light Duty Picker (1.0 – 2.5T)

Maximise your warehouse efficiency with the Toyota BT Optio Light Duty Picker. Engineered for agility and precision, this Low-Level Order Picker caters to a variety of needs with its 1.0 to 2.5 tonne load capacity options.

Featuring a self-levelling platform and user-friendly controls, the BT Optio ensures quick, efficient order picking. Robust and versatile, this machine is perfect for handling both light and heavy loads with ease.

Elevate your productivity in the West Midlands with the reliable and efficient Toyota BT Optio.

The N-series trucks enhance the functionality of the BT Optio. These lightweight and compact order pickers are suitable for various applications. Their low step-in height and easy trolley connection system, compatible with a shelf trolley width of 1230 mm, further optimise the picking process.

So why wait? Invest in a Toyota BT Optio today and see just how much easier your order picking can be!

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Ladder Integration for Increased Reach

The possibility of adding ladders to the BT Optio extends its functionality, allowing for increased picking height, thus adapting to the varying demands of your warehouse operations.

Ergonomic and Safe

Prioritising operator comfort and safety, the BT Optio features an ergonomic design, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for operators.

Heavy Load Handling

Despite its light-duty designation, the BT Optio is more than capable of moving heavy loads up to 2.5 tonnes, showcasing its strength and versatility in handling diverse material handling tasks.

Additional Model Features.

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Maintenance-free Lithium-Ion batteries are available on certain models as an option. Li-Ion batteries are easy to use and provide the ability to opportunity charge, meaning increased productivity and higher efficiency.

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