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Toyota Reach Trucks

Hire or purchase a Toyota reach truck with Easy Truck’s straightforward and rapid response process. We supply BT Reflex – Toyota’s proven range of Reach Trucks, with availability across model series for high performance, specialist, and simply effective applications.

Key Features

For warehouse operations involving high stacking and narrow aisles, reach trucks provide agility and accuracy when placing or retrieving loads at height.

Built with a compact and slender design, in a number of series to meet the needs of your warehouse, Toyota’s reach trucks manoeuvre easily in tight spaces, helping you maximise on storage space without sacrificing productivity.

Unsure if reach trucks are the right fit? Reach trucks excel when working at increased elevation for the handling of lighter loads, compared to forklifts.

More Details

When partnering with Easy Truck, we make meeting your needs simple.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on the right materials handling equipment for your operations, or are looking for efficiency in securing your vehicle, as the official Toyota distributer for the Midlands, Easy Truck’s expertise ensures we can support you.

We offer SLAs whilst working with our customers, and provide ongoing maintenance and service contracts to keep your equipment in optimal condition.


Toyota’s elementary range of reach trucks include the BT Reflex B-series, which is designed for straightforward and reliable performance. For high performance applications, Easy Truck also supply the BT Reflex R-series.

  • reach main
    Load Capacity: 1200 - 2500 kg
    Max Lift Height: Up to 13000 mm


This standard reach truck provides complete efficiency when carrying out straightforward operations. A simple-to-operate vehicle, it has a lift height of up to 8500mm, with the ability to lift between 1.2T-1.6T loads.


For enhanced performance, the R-series features lift heights up to 13,000mm. Stability, safety, and visibility remain a priority throughout the design. The R-series features integrated telematics hardware, ensuring compatibility with software for vehicle insights.

Key Features

The BT Reflex series for standard operations features an ergonomic driver compartment, easy access, and intuitive controls.

More Details

For performance in cold environments, increased operator visibility when handling heavier loads or operating at elevated heights, as well as insights into vehicle health, we recommend the R-series.


The BT Reflex N-series is designed with a narrow chassis and 360° steering – making this series highly efficient for operation in narrow spaces and aisles.

Maximise Space

Make the most of your warehousing space whilst continuing to operate efficiently with Toyota’s narrow reach trucks. The narrow reach truck is suitable for confined areas such as block stacking or drive-in racking.

Reliable Operation

Toyota’s narrow model is a high-performance reach truck, with a lift capacity of up to 8500mm and loads of up to 1.6T, as well as the ability to operate in cold storage down to -30°C.

Key Features

Ease of use drives the design of the BT Reflex N-series, with an ergonomic driver compartment, an intuitive driver interface, and compatibility with smart software for vehicle insights.

More Details

Throughout this safety is a priority. Additional features of the N-series include a driver detection system, emergency cut off, increased operator visibility and more.


The award-winning E-series, designed similarly to the R-series with Transitional Lift Control. This additional control allows heavy loads to be lifted at elevated heights smoothly and efficiently.

Tilting Cabin

Unlike other models, the E-series reach truck features an innovative tilting cabin design, which reduces strain on the operator and enhances visibility with a transparent roof.

Increase Productivity

The tilting cabin increases accuracy when positioning forks thanks to a more ergonomic driver position, resulting in a more productive operation overall.

Key Features

The tilted reach truck operates similarly to other reach truck models, equipped with an energy efficient lithium-ion battery, intuitive operation systems and integrated safety measures.

More Details

The E-series is suitable for operator comfort during demanding repetitive, high-level work that may otherwise cause discomfort to the neck and shoulders.

For advice on or additional details regarding any of our available Toyota reach trucks, Easy Truck are happy to discuss your needs with you.

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