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Image of Forklift Trucks, Toyota Forklifts, and Material Handling Equipment

A Guide To Our Forklift Types

Choosing the right forklift is essential to the safety of your workforce, the protection of your materials, and the efficiency of your warehouse operations.
In this guide, we provide a quick introduction to each forklift type we have to offer and their common applications. To ensure you have a better understanding of whether your handling equipment is serving your business as well as it could be, and what Easy Truck can do to allow your business to elevate your business to greater heights.
Easy Truck offers a vast array of training courses suited to all the machines that we sell. Contact our expert team to increase your workforce competency for new and existing machines, as the modern warehouse is evolving our training courses help your workforce stay ahead.
We will be taking a look at:

Counterbalance forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are designed to handle heavy loads by offsetting the weight of the load at the front of the forklift. These forklifts are equipped with a heavy weight in the rear allowing them to ‘counterbalance’ the weight in the front, the greater the weight in the rear the higher the load capacity of the forklift. These come in various power options, including liquid petroleum gas, diesel, and electric models. Each of these has distinct characteristics and benefits, making them suitable for different operational needs.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Often, we find LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) counterbalance forklifts to be a versatile choice due to their ability to operate both indoors and outdoors. The gas operation allows for quick refuelling and makes them suitable for outdoor use, even on rugged terrains. However, they can also be used indoors for short periods, due to them producing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which can be fatal if used in areas with poor ventilation. That is why we recommend using these forklifts in well-ventilated areas. Despite their low purchase cost, it’s worth noting that the fuel can be pricey and requires proper storage. LPG trucks offer the capability to lift to 8,000 kilos, LPG counterbalance forklifts are not only versatile but also powerful, making them a popular choice in many industries.

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toreno high main 1

“Ideal For Outdoor and Indoor Use”

Toyota Diesel Counterbalance 2.5

“Ideal For Outdoor Use”

Diesel Counterbalance Forklift

Diesel counterbalance forklifts are rugged machines that are a top choice for outdoor applications. Diesel forklifts are a popular choice for a vast array of outdoor industries, such as the shipping or aerospace industry. Diesel forklifts are quick to refuel and are cost-effective to purchase, although running costs can be higher due to the price of diesel fuel. They’re not commonly used for extended indoor operations because of their toxic emissions, increasing risk to your workforce. Some models in our range can carry heavy loads up to 8,000 kg, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Aside from lifting, they’re also capable of pushing and towing loads, due to their high-torque, diesel engines. These machines are also ideal for multi-load handling allowing them to handle high workload environments with ease. Of course, we recommend getting these machines regular preventative maintenance to allow your business to operate at peak efficiency.

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Electric Counterbalance Forklift

So, what should you use for indoor applications? Electric forklifts are a popular choice for their efficiency, lower operating costs, and minimal environmental impact. Our range of Toyota 80-Volt Forklifts was awarded the ‘Gold German Design Award 2019’, giving you piece of mind that the machine you purchase is not only highly versatile and capable but also reliable when your business needs it most These forklifts are designed with either three-wheel configuration for lighter loads or four-wheel configurations for those heavier duty tasks, each of our forklifts are tailored for an array of operational environments. They are powered by an electric motor fed by lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries.

Easy Truck offers different voltage options ranging from 24V for lighter loads up to 1,500 Kg to High-Tonnage 80V capable of lifting to 8,000 Kg. Electric counterbalance forklifts require regular maintenance, including checks on the battery, motor, brakes, and hydraulic system, allowing your business to run smoothly. We also offer an array of safety feature add-ons such as lights, alarms, and sensors that have been integrated to reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace. Contact us to see how we can help protect your workforce.

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Product Image of a Toyota Traigo 1.8t Electric Counterbalance Forklift (New Forklifts)

“Gold German Design Award 2019”

vna main

“High racking warehousing with narrow aisles”


Very Narrow Aisle forklifts, also known as VNAs, are specifically designed for safe, efficient operation in tight spaces with the ability to reach items up to 16.8 metres. They rely on guidance systems, typically wire or rail-based, to navigate safely at high speeds allowing for workforce safety without compromising operational capacity and efficiency. VNA trucks, also known as turret trucks, are designed specifically for use in high-racking warehouses with limited space and high stock levels. There are two main types of VNA trucks: Man Down and Man Up. The choice between the two types depends on personal preference and the types of goods that need to be moved and stored. Man Down trucks keep the operator at ground level while the forks move up to the high levels, while Man Up trucks take the operator up with the forks, providing greater control and precision.

Toyota trucks, both Man Down and Man Up models, offer operators the ability to access both sides of the aisle without turning the truck around, enhancing warehouse efficiency. In high-capacity warehouses, VNA trucks offer major advantages over traditional forklifts. Precision is enhanced, especially with the Man Up model, allowing for careful handling of fragile goods and avoiding damage to stock or shelving. Efficiency is improved with access to both sides of a narrow aisle, reducing the need to turn the vehicle or run up and down the same aisle. Capacity is increased with narrow aisles and high racking, providing more storage space per square meter. Safety is prioritised with VNA trucks designed for quick and safe movement in small spaces, with additional features available for operator assistance.

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Order Pickers

Order pickers are used for picking operations, typically of individual items. They come in three main classifications: Low Level, Medium Level, and High Level, referring to the height at which the truck is picking.

Low Level

Low-level pickers are used for picking operations at low levels and are commonly found in e-commerce and retail warehouses where item picking is a necessary element of business operation. They are speedy, agile, and often equipped with a host of accessories that can aid in order picking operations such as the ability to have platforms that raise the operator, allowing easy access to items stored at lower levels. Powered by electric motors, they’re eco-friendly and suitable for indoor use. They usually have a load capacity of around 1,000 kg and can reach heights up to 3.5 metres. Despite their compact size, low-level order pickers offer great manoeuvrability, enhancing warehouse efficiency.

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ll main

“Quick and Agile”

hl main

“Can Handle Bulky Loads Without Compromising Efficiency.”

High Level

When it comes to reaching items stored at greater heights of up to 12.1 metres, you’ll need to use High-Level Order Pickers. These forklifts are designed specifically for high storage retrieval and are a must in any warehouse or facility where items are stored in high racks. Their unique design includes a platform that can lift both the operator and the load to the desired height, providing the ability to manually place or retrieve items. 

They are typically electric-powered and have advanced safety features like anti-fall guards and harness points. At Easy-Truck we prioritise safety above all else. We offer courses capable of educating your workforce to improve the competency of operators in modern warehouse environments.

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Moving on to stackers, these are specialised forklifts designed for specific tasks. They’re categorised into three types: pedestrian, platform, and stand-on, as we discuss below. 


Pedestrian forklifts, also known as stackers, are compact, electric-powered machines designed to be operated by a walking operator. They’re more suited to areas with limited space; however, their small footprint doesn’t compromise their lifting ability, making them excellent for handling heavy loads efficiently. With some of our machines boasting a load capacity of 2,000kg. Pedestrian reach trucks, a subtype of these forklifts, combine the versatility of regular pallet trucks with added reach capabilities. Their mast feature enables them to stack materials high, while still maintaining easy operation and movement. We also offer machines that are capable of transporting 2 pallets at one time, increasing efficiency for your business. 

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ped stack main

“Suitable For Limited Space Environments”

Double ride mast 1

“Compact And Manoeuvrable”


These machines are designed for specialised tasks, making use of a platform which can be lifted and lowered by a standing operator to move items. The platform allows operators a greater field of view, reducing the possibility of accidents occurring. These amazing machines are capable of carrying pallets across greater distances quicker than their pedestrian counterparts with a speed of up to 10km under a load of up to 2,000kg. These machines are still compact, manoeuvrable, and can operate in tight spaces like pedestrian stackers, making them ideal for smaller warehouses.

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The compact stand-on forklift is perfect for stacking and transporting pallets over short distances. Stand-on stackers allow the operator an internal cabin, which also gives them a better view of the surroundings, which enhances safety and efficiency. They are powered by electric motors, making them eco-friendly and quiet. Their lift capacity usually ranges from 1,600kg for a single pallet truck to 2,000kg for our dual pallet trucks, satisfying most light to medium-duty tasks. However, they’re not suitable for uneven terrain or outdoor use. So, they’re best utilised in indoor environments with smooth surfaces.

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ride stack main

“Can Handle Two Pallets At Once”

Pallet Trucks

Moving on we turn our attention to pallet trucks. We’ll discuss the main categories: manual, electric, and ride-on pallet trucks in this section.

Product Image of Hand Pallet Trucks

“Best Suited For Large  Flat Areas”


Manual pallet trucks are cost-effective tools that are ideal for handling light loads in various industries. These trucks act as floor-based forklifts and can be operated single-handedly. We offer capacities ranging from 1,000kg to 2,300kg, they come in different models catering to many different industries. We offer stainless steel and galvanised for more corrosive environments. Manual pallet trucks are easy to use but are best suited for larger, flat areas like warehouses and loading bays. Easy Truck is committed to helping you find the best equipment for your needs. Contact our friendly team to find out how we can improve your business operations.

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Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric forklifts offer numerous advantages for material handling tasks. These forklifts can be operated manually or feature power-assisted controls, increasing load capacity up to 2,500kg. These machines are perfect for tightly packed environments, they’re versatile and efficient despite their compact size. These trucks can improve efficiency by reducing strain on the workforce due to the electrical power assistance. They are fantastic as load transportation in indoor environments suitable for both warehouse and retail applications.

Due to the lithium-ion battery, their quick rechargeability ensures your business can keep running efficiently during working hours. To help improve battery life electric pallet truck features an automated shut-off system that can be programmed anywhere from 1 – 20 minutes, meaning when your battery charge is fully dedicated to helping your business operations.

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Product Image of a BT Tyro 1.3t Powered Pallet Truck (New Forklifts)

“Suitable For Both Warehouse And Retail”

Product Image of Ride On Pallet Trucks

“Transporting Heavy Loads Over Longer Distances”


Ride-on pallet trucks allow operators to stand on a platform while manoeuvring the vehicle, providing a practical solution for transporting heavy loads over longer distances. Equipped with features like fold-down platforms and rear/side protection, they enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Ride-on pallet trucks are ideally suited to larger, flat areas such as warehouses and loading bays. Their motorised movement reduces physical strain on your workforce, making them an invaluable asset for industries like warehousing, construction, and retail. Despite their compact size, some models can lift to a staggering 5,000kg.

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Reach Truck

Reach Trucks are designed for accessing high shelves in narrow aisles. They’re compact, manoeuvrable, and have an extended reach capability, hence the name. They feature a pair of outer legs that distribute the load weight, with a retractable mast for reaching into racking. Often, they are electric, making them suitable for indoor use as they don’t produce harmful emissions. Their lift heights can exceed that of other forklifts, we have machines in our range capable of reaching 13 metres.

The BT Reflex tilted cabin range was awarded the ‘Gold German Design Award 2022’ giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a high-quality piece of machinery. The latest reach truck models feature advancements in ergonomic design for operators as well as the ‘totalview’ concept that gives operators an overhead view of the load, increasing safety and productivity. Reach trucks are versatile in environmental uses with trucks that are specifically designed for cooler temperatures. However, we would not recommend them to be used on uneven surfaces or in outside conditions.

If however, you require the benefits of a reach truck for outside purposes our friendly team is on hand to help you find the most suitable equipment for your needs. Contact our team to see how they can help you upgrade your equipment.

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reach 1

“Gold German Design Award 2022”

toy a 1

“Available For Indoor And Outdoor Use”

Tow Tractors

If you have ever been on a flight you have probably seen one of these amazing machines pulling your luggage to and from the airplane. Tow tractors come in various types, such as pedestrian tow tugs, ride-on tow tugs, and stand-in. Each has its unique capabilities and is suitable for different applications.

Pedestrian tow tugs, for instance, are battery-powered and can efficiently move various wheeled containers, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. On the other hand, ride-on tow tugs can pull multiple trailers over short distances, providing a practical solution for indoor and outdoor transport. Stand-in tractors are brilliant for towing trolleys for order picking, with machines made for a plethora of uses these machines offer reliability and versatility for transporting goods over short distances within a warehouse environment.

We offer a range of trucks suitable for a variety of environments and tasks such as manufacturing, order picking, outdoor and airport use. That is why we only sell the best quality machines, we understand the importance of good quality machinery that will not let you down when you need it the most.

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These forklifts are designed with a joint between the mast and the rear of the forklift, allowing it to bend in the middle. This feature provides a unique advantage in manoeuvrability, making them ideal for narrow aisles and tight spaces.

With the ability to increase storage capacity by 50%, articulated forklifts provide you with the ability to work in tighter spaces without compromising safety. Articulated forklifts also boast high lift heights and impressive load capacities. Their design allows operators to load and unload in a variety of angles, reducing the risk of product damage.

Additionally, they’re efficient in both energy and space utilisation, contributing to lower operational costs but also increasing the capabilities that your business can achieve. We offer a range of articulated forklifts suitable to your business’s needs such as sit-in or stand-on. These unconventional machines offer the versatility and speed of a traditional counterbalance forklift while also incorporating the aisle performance of a VNA truck. Articulated forklifts come in both electric and combustion options depending on your equipment utilisation.

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Easy Truck - Bendi Articulated Forklift

“Increase Storage Capacity By 50%”

Image of Combilift Multidirectional Forklifts and Sideloaders

“Can Help Reduce Wasted Warehouse Space”

Side loader & Multi-Directional

Side loader

We specialise in combilift machinery however, we do have the capacity to supply a wide range of brands. The combilift side loaders are highly capable and dependable machines. With a lifting capacity ranging from 2.5 – 8T we can provide you with equipment suitable for your requirements.  We have 3 wheel multi – direction sideloaders capable of operating efficiently in the tightest spaces. Allowing your business to increase its storage capacity allowing you to get the most out of your warehouse. Contact Us and find out how we can help to optimise your storage solutions.


We offer a wide variety of multi-Directional equipment capable of handling a vast range of tasks. We offer machinery capable of handling long loads, palletised loads or a combination of the two. Our multi directional forklifts have a lifting capacity ranging from 2.5T to 4T. With options available for compact use and tight space facilities also. At Easy-Truck we pride ourselves on our expertise and our team is on hand to help you find the solution that fits you best.

These machines come in all engine types (LPG, Diesel and Electric), as well as being versatile enough to operate both indoors and outdoors, these highly adaptive and dependable machines offer a brilliant solution for your material handling needs. Simply contact our team so we may assist you in find the best machinery to help pivot your business in the right direction.

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Lorry Mounted Forklift

Our final type of forklift is ideal for outdoor use in industries like construction, recycling, distribution, and agriculture. If you have ever been driving and have been behind or driven past certain HGV you may have seen some with a funny-looking attachment on the back. For those of you unsure exactly what is it you were looking at, let us introduce to you the ‘Lorry Mounted Forklift’. This dependable and unique machine offers lorry drivers the ability to personally deliver a host of cargo to clients when they reach their destination. Especially in scenarios where they may be delivering to places that do not have a forklift of their own such as home deliveries or remote business, the lorry-mounted forklift can be quickly deployed and ensures safe delivery of cargo to the end user. 

When selecting a lorry-mounted forklift considerations should be taken such as cargo type, load weight, delivery distance, and job requirements. We offer you a wide selection of machines capable of excelling in each of these considerations.  

Some models offer special attachments and features like all-wheel drive and varying tire types for better control and adaptability. It’s important to choose a forklift that’s well-suited to the terrain and weather conditions it will encounter. We understand how difficult it is to make the right choice and that is why our team is on hand to help your business move in the right direction. Contact us today to find out how a lorry-mounted forklift can revolutionise your business.

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Image of Moffett Lorry Mounted Forklifts

“Removes Delivery Limitations”