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Toyota Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Powered completely by electricity for quiet, clean, and reliable materials handling. Our range of Toyota Electric Forklifts are sure to meet your needs, with 3-wheel and 4-wheel models available for warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Discover more about Easy Truck’s range of Toyota Electric Forklifts for hire below.

Key Features

Utilising rechargeable batteries for an emission-free operation, our range of electric forklifts excel in indoor environments. Our Toyota Electric Forklifts feature lead-acid based batteries as standard, however are further available with lithium-ion based batteries for operations requiring greater capacity.

Perfect for warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing facilities, electric forklifts provide a significantly quieter operation compared to internal combustion engine counterparts. They also produce less vibration, and generally have lower operating costs.

More Details

Easy Truck is your local supplier of Toyota Material Handling Forklifts, offering you a friendly and knowledgeable service to help match your business with the right materials handling product. Talk to a member of our team for more information about hiring our electric forklifts, or discover more below.

3-Wheel Forklifts

The Toyota Traigo is available in 24V or 48V, and capable of handling up to 2.0T. This versatile and powerful electric forklift model is great for simple operations.

Easy to Manoeuvre

This compact electric forklift excels in narrow aisles, suitable for facilities where space is at a premium. Simple to manoeuvre, the Toyota Traigo range is intuitive to operate for straightforward and time-efficient materials handling.

Key Features

The 3-Wheel Toyota Traigo offers complete driver comfort with integrated driver functions in a low dashboard display. This compact design doesn’t falter on quality, and provides a safe operation with Toyota’s System of Active Stability.

More Details

Complete with wet disc brakes, pneumatic shaped cushion types, a memory tilt steering column and more as standard. Specifications vary depending on model.

4-Wheel Forklifts

Building on the benefits of the 3-wheel range, the 4-Wheel electric forklift offers increased stability for loading and unloading tasks.

Increased Load Capacity

Excellent stability and increased load capacity make the 4-Wheel forklift suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – even on uneven surfaces. Carry out a wide range of handling operations with complete peace of mind.

Key Features

The 4-Wheel model features LED lights for safety and operability. Visibility and safety are further enhanced with all round driver visibility and a clear-view mast. The 4-Wheel model is also integrated with SAS (System of Active Stability) for stability during operation.

More Details

Our 4-wheel electric forklift range offers driver comfort and safety, with a Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System) and OPS (Operator Presence Sensing), depending on the model.

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