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BT Staxio Pedestrian Double Stacker


Power: Electric
Load Capacity: 2000 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 2100 mm


BT Staxio, Double Stacker (0.8 – 2T)

Maximise your productivity with the BT Staxio Double Stacker, a powerhouse for businesses in the West Midlands for handling two pallets simultaneously. Boasting a load capacity of 0.8 to 2T, this double stacker is designed for high-paced lorry loading with its ability to carry 1000 kg on the forks and 2000 kg on the support arms.

Its 5-point chassis and centered steering arm ensure unmatched control and visibility, making it an indispensable tool for efficient warehouse operations.

Check out the Toyota Pedestrian Stackers – with models available for any application.

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The unique 5-point chassis provides excellent stability and control, especially on ramps and uneven surfaces.

Dual Direction

The steering arm is placed centrally, allowing even turning in both directions and a consistently small turning radius.

Adaptability to Various Surfaces

Designed to tackle challenges of uneven floors or slopes, the BT Staxio features elevating support arms. This adaptability ensures stable and efficient operation across different warehouse environments, making it a versatile choice for varied material handling needs.

Click To

The unique Click-2-Creep feature means by simply double-clicking the control lever, the truck is set to creep speed. This allows for safe control in tight situations.

Additional Model Options.

ped stack 3

Looking for a compact stacker for low-intensity applications? This Powered Stacker Truck can be used in a wide variety of applications. It weighs just 467kg, is exceptionally compact, and generates a low noise level.

ped stack 4

Need a high-performance stacking solution to handle different pallet types? This model has straddle support arm options available. Straddle arms allow the handling of different pallet sizes.

Mast Options

The BT Staxio is available with a retractable mast. This combines the compactness of a stacker with the flexibility of a Reach Truck, giving the operator the ability to handle different types of pallets. These trucks are designed to save space and increase efficiency.

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