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Toyota LPG/ Gas Powered Forklifts

Explore Easy Truck’s range of Toyota engine counterbalance forklifts – designed to make heavy loads light work.

Easy Truck supplies a variety of engine forklifts available for convenient hire, lease or purchase.

Key Information

Also known as internal combustion forklifts, engine forklifts rely on fuel for their operation, rather than battery power; they boast an increased lifting capacity for transporting heavy loads. This makes them ideal for industries including construction, manufacturing, and logistics, where they operate well in harsh environments, handling rough terrains, uneven surfaces, and inclines.

Easy to refuel, engine forklifts can help minimise your operation downtime, keeping your business running smoothly even with demanding timescales. Easy Truck’s ongoing service and maintenance contracts further support your equipment uptime.

More Details

Easy Truck is the official Toyota Material Handling dealer for the Midlands. We’re experts in our field, and supply a wide variety of Toyota machinery to assist your materials handling – ensuring we can place you with the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Enquire about hiring our LPG engine forklifts and our ongoing support today.


Reliable Power

The Toyota Tonero LPG is suitable for critical outdoor work, where its powerful engine is made for handling heavy loads and multiple loads, with quick acceleration and fuel efficiency.

LPG engines are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering a cleaner alternative to diesel engines. In this range, Easy Truck offer:

  • Toyota Tonero LPG 1.5-5T

Key Features

Available with a 1DZ-III (Stage IIIA) engine for low to medium intensity or 1ZS (Stage IIIB) engine for higher intensity applications.

More Details

The Tonero features Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), as well as Operator Restraint System (ORS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) for safety. Visibility is enhanced with a clear-view mast and overheard guard, headlights and rear combination lights.

For more technical specifications on this model, contact a member of the Easy Truck team.

LPG -Heavy Duty

Increased Capacity

Take advantage of the heavy duty Toyota Tonero’s increased capacity for your heavy lifting and handling operations. This heavy-duty LPG model is suitable for outdoor use on harsh and uneven surfaces.

For an increased load capacity, Easy Truck also provides heavy-duty Toyota LPGs, with up to 8000kg lifting potential.

  • Toyota Tonero LPG 8T

Key Features

The heavy-duty model retains the stability, safety and manoeuvrability of lighter load capacity models, enhanced by SAS, ensuring that heavy work in outdoor environments can be completed safely.

More Details

Full hydraulic power steering for ease of operation, cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake for efficient filtration, and much more are included as standard with the Tonero LPG 8T model.

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