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Toyota BT Reflex Narrow


Power: Electric and Lithium-Ion
Load Capacity: 1400 - 1600 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 10000 mm


Toyota BT Reflex Narrow (1.4t-1.6T)

Looking for a reach truck with high performance? The BT Reflex, capable of carrying 2.7 tonnes, is a high-performance truck that has exceptional and unique features when working at height. It allows the operator to operate at high speeds for maximum productivity without compromising safety for the driver and security for the load.

Check out the Toyota Reflex Reach Trucks – with models available for any application.

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Designed Around
The Operator

The driver compartment is ergonomically designed around the operator, offering intuitive and interactive features such as an easy-to-read colour touchscreen display.


The clean mast and fork carriage design in combination with the transparent roof offer the driver an exceptional view on the load at all times, increasing productivity and safety.

Energy Packs

Available with three different intelligent energy packs to fit your application. Based on Toyota’s own energy-efficient lithium-ion battery solutions allowing cost-saving and CO2 emissions reduction.

Simple Controls
For Easy Operation

The controls are simple and logical, with fingertip control levers for all fork movements, and effortless electronic steering for precise driving.

Additional Model Options.

lithium 1

Maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries available on certain models as an option. Li-ion batteries are easy to use and provide the ability to opportunity charge, for increased productivity and higher efficiency.

reach 1

The Transitional Lift Control helps the operator lift heavy loads fast and smoothly to high heights. Engineered for performance at height, the unique tilting cab and transparent roof as well as the mast design offer excellent visibility of the load.


The BT Reflex offers a four-way handling capability that is suitable for heavy-duty applications, and capable of handling both conventional pallets and long loads. The front-facing driver seat and hydraulic fork spreader allow a clear view of the load being handled.

Narrow Aisle

Thanks to its narrow chassis, selected models of reach trucks can easily work in narrow areas such as block stacking or drive-in racking. Please contact us for more details.

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