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BT Levio – Powered Pallet Truck



Power: Electric and Lithium-Ion
Load Capacity: 1300 - 2500 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 195 mm
Fork Width: 520 or 685 mm
Fork Length: 1000, 1050 or 1150 mm


Toyota BT Levio Powered Pallet Trucks (1.3t – 2.5t)

Toyota’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the design of the Toyota BT Levio Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks. These trucks offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for handling materials in various settings, ranging from warehouses to distribution centers.

These trucks have a capacity of 1.3 to 2.5 tonnes, making them versatile and reliable, which makes them an ideal choice for any business or facility. Additionally, these trucks boast a powerful electric motor designed for long-term use. Moreover, their compact footprint enables easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

The Toyota BT Levio Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks boast robust construction and advanced ergonomics, ensuring productivity and efficiency. Moreover, these trucks come equipped with a host of safety features, making them safe to use in any environment.

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Multiple Fork
Sizes Available

Firstly, this multi-application truck offers two different fork widths and lengths. The widths range from 520mm to 685mm, while the lengths range from 1000mm to 1150mm.

Battery and
Charger Options

Secondly, the BT Levio has an optional built-in charger that can connect to a wall outlet – no special equipment is needed. The two battery options are 225 Ah and 300 Ah.


Furthermore, optional extras are available on this model such as a hand brake and load support, which protects the operator from falling heavy loads.

Low Temperature

Finally, low-temperature oil can be used in this truck, allowing it to be more efficient and usable in cold areas such as cold stores.

Model Features.

truck 2

Furthermore, certain models offer maintenance-free Lithium-Ion batteries as an option. Li-Ion batteries are user-friendly and provide the ability to opportunity charge, resulting in increased productivity and higher efficiency.

Close-up Image of BT Levio Powered Pallet Trucks Controls

With the one touch folding side guards, you can quickly and easily dismount and control the truck as a pedestrian; even in the tightest corners. Therefore giving you protection without compromising the flip-down platform’s manoeuvrability advantage.

Close-up Image of BT Levio Powered Pallet Trucks Engine

The combination of contactless controls and CAN-communication ensures excellent driving characteristics and reduces downtime. This feature also enables quick and reliable communication while allowing programmability. Overall, the truck adapts to you and your application, thanks to its 20% less energy consumption.

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Fork Width
520 or 685 mm
Fork Length
1000, 1050 or 1150 mm

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