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Toyota VNA Trucks

Made for environments that are looking to maximise their storage capacity, Toyota’s Very Narrow Aisle Trucks enable high efficiencies whilst driving in such areas. Easy Truck’s range of Toyota BT Vector VNAs are available for purchase or hire; explore our range below.

Key Features

Narrow aisles are oftentimes more demanding than other warehousing environments; Toyota’s VNAs are designed to make navigating these spaces easier.

Featuring great lift heights, exceptional manoeuvrability and incorporation of guidance systems, VNAs enable the use of higher and denser racking systems for increased storage capacity and productivity by allowing operators to reach material stored at height.

Toyota’s VNAs feature advanced steering systems and navigation technologies to overcome the challenges posed by narrow aisles. Our Toyota BT Vector VNA range includes both Man Up and Man Down models.

More Details

With Easy Truck, purchasing or hiring the right Toyota VNA for your operations couldn’t be simpler. We work with businesses within the Midlands, ensuring proximity and a rapid response when partnering with us. This includes initial processes, during which we offer SLAs, and ongoing maintenance and service contracts, keeping your operations running safely and smoothly.

BT Vector Man-Down

For operations where the driver remains on the ground, the Man Down VNA by Toyota is also available. On this model, the forks are mobilised to rise and lower to replenish or retrieve stock.

Explore Your Options

Toyota’s Man Down VNA models are available as a turret head or shuttle forks model, accounting for various handling operations and material types and loads.

Personal Protection System

Complete with a Personal Protection System (PPS), Man Down VNAs enhance safety in narrow aisles by initiating an impressive speed reduction and stopping protocol when an obstruction in its path is located.

Key Features

Further vehicle features are designed with narrow aisles in mind. They include navigation of optimal routes; aisle indication for speed control; and a zoning function for safe operation around building constraints.

More Details

An ergonomic driver cabin completes this design, ensuring operators are able to complete their work comfortably – accounting for even lengthy shifts.

For more on maximising your storage capacity with the Toyota BT Vector Range, reach out to Easy Truck.

BT Vector Man-Up

The Man Up Toyota VNA mobilises both the operator and the forks, allowing operators to access racking to retrieve items directly. Toyota’s Man Up VNA is available in different models depending on the intended use.

Standard and Heavy Duty

Easy Truck supplies both standard and heavy-duty Toyota Man Up VNAs, ensuring no matter the intensity of the application, we have a vehicle that offers durability and a safe, reliable operation.

Advanced Lifting System

Toyota’s Advanced Lifting System (ALS) ameliorates energy consumption with a closed loop lift system when lifting the cabin and load. Energy required is reduced by up to 35%, whilst the smoothness of the lift is maintained.

Key Features

Toyota VNAs are designed for wire or rail guidance as opposed to free range operation and are further available as a compact turning Man Up model.

More Details

Man Up models are complete with optimal route navigation, Personal Protection System (PPS), speed control according to aisle indication tags and more.

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