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Toyota Tracto & Simai Tow Tractors


Load Capacity: 1500 - 29000 kg


Toyota Rider Seated Tow Tractor (1.5 – 29T)

Elevate your towing operations with the Toyota Rider Seated Tow Tractor, available in the West Midlands. Designed for user comfort and efficiency, this tractor, with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5.0T, features a car-like interface for ease of use.

Its low step-in design simplifies frequent hooking and unhooking, while the rear platform offers an additional 100kg capacity for transporting smaller items. Whether indoors or outdoors, this tow tractor is a game-changer for a variety of applications.

Check out the Toyota Tow Tractor – with models available for any application.

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Effortless Hooking and Unhooking

Designed with a low step-in, this tractor is ideal for tasks requiring frequent step-on and off operations. This feature not only enhances operator comfort but also speeds up the process of hooking and unhooking, boosting overall productivity.

Versatile Rear Platform

Accommodate extra cargo with ease using the rear platform, capable of holding up to 100kg. This additional space is perfect for transporting smaller items, making the tractor a versatile choice for varied towing needs.

Optional Passenger Seat

Customize your tractor with an optional additional seat, allowing for a passenger to accompany the operator. This feature is especially useful in environments where teamwork is essential, enhancing operational flexibility.

Intuitive Car-Like Interface

The Toyota Rider Seated Tow Tractor stands out with its user-friendly, car-like interface, making it as simple to operate as driving a car. This feature ensures a smooth transition for operators, reducing training time and increasing efficiency.

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