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Tow Tractors

BT Tracto and Simai

For transporting heavier loads, Electric Toyota tow tractors and platform trucks are available in a range of sizes and capacities to efficiently handle all material types.

Here at Easy Truck, we’re on hand to advise you on the right vehicle for your operations.

Key Features

Toyota tow tractors are designed for horizontal transportation, pulling heavy loads in both indoor and outdoor environments, and are compatible with a wide variety of trolleys.

Available in various capacities, tow tractors are used across industries such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, airports, hospitals and more. Tow tractors are suitable for material handling, logistics, baggage handling, and ground support activities.

Easy Truck supplies several models of tow tractors, including conventional tow tractors with a driver’s seat, platform, and pedestrian tow tractors operated by a walking operator.

More Details

Easy Truck is the official Midlands dealer of Toyota Tow Tractors and platform trucks, helping our customers find the right Toyota materials handling equipment for their business.

Our expertise, customer care, including SLAs, and ongoing support, such as maintenance and service contracts, ensures whether you’re purchasing or hiring with Easy Truck, you will receive a high-quality service.


Easy Truck supplies Toyota Tracto tow trucks – a pedestrian tow truck, that is available for loads weighing up to 2T. Pedestrian tow trucks are suitable for working in confined areas or operations involving recurrent loading and unloading.

Manoeuvre with Convenience

Compatible with pulling standard roll cages, trailers and other wheeled means of transportation. This electrically powered vehicle reduces operator strain whilst pulling loads.

Designed for Operation on Foot

The pedestrian tow truck is a compact design, making it easy to manoeuvre by a pedestrian operator within confined spaces. Featuring a speed button as standard for safe operation.

Key Features

Driver comfort and reduced fatigue is achieved through an ergonomic handle and adjustable steering arm. Rubber, foam filled wheels ensure durability and stability during use.

More Details

The vehicle is available with an optional electrical locking hook and adjustable mechanical locking hook for uneven ground and slopes.


Designed for the operator to stand in the vehicle and tow trailers whilst travelling across distances, with ability to easily step in and out as required by loading and unloading operations.

Hop On, Hop Off

Safe and easy step in-and-out is attained by a low step-in height, making the Toyota Tracto N-series an ideal choice when maximising driver convenience and productivity.

Towing Made Simple

Tow trailers as required with an assortment of towing devices, attaching different types of trolleys, which can be further connected to form a towing train of up to 4 trolleys.

Key Features

Operated by a steering wheel and hand grip with integrated direction control, plus an informative colour display indicating all necessary information.

More Details

The N-series is compatible with either a lead acid or lithium-ion battery for optimised battery performance, as well as an external charger for charging convenience.

Easy Truck can offer guidance on finding the right Toyota tow tractor or platform truck for you; get in touch with us today.


Simai, the seated tow truck model by Toyota, is driven by the operator via a car-like interface, and is designed for pulling increased loads across longer distances over both indoor and outdoor environments.

Versatile Performance

The platform allows for versatility when transporting a wide variety of loads, making this 4-wheel model suitable across industries, with the additional ability to couple trailers hassle-free.


This ride-on model has high drive speed, acceleration and gradeability for continued reliable performance on slopes. Driver comfort is maintained throughout this with suspension on all wheels.

Key Features

The comprehensive safety features, including front headlight and direction indicators, and rear position, brake and direction indicators, on this model ensure preventable accidents are minimised.

More Details

This model is available with a central driver position for an ergonomic drive, or alternatively left side driver position accounting for a passenger seat when transporting more than one person.

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