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Toyota Triago 24v, 1 – 1.5T


Power: Electric
Load Capacity: 1000 - 1500 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 6510 mm
Voltage: 24 Volt


Toyota Traigo 1.0t-1.5t

Discover the efficiency of the Toyota Traigo 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts, your ultimate solution for manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Boasting a range of lift heights and capacities, these eco-friendly forklifts excel in versatility and power, making them the go-to choice for varied applications.

Experience the difference with Toyota Traigo, where compact design meets exceptional performance.

Ideal for businesses in the West Midlands seeking a greener, more efficient forklift solution.

Check out the 3-Wheeled Toyota Traigo Electric Forklift Trucks – they’re compact, powerful and easy to use.

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Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Embrace a greener approach with these electric forklifts. Not only do they reduce your carbon footprint, but they also offer significant savings on fuel costs, making them a smart choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Compact Power

Don’t be fooled by its size; the Toyota Traigo packs a powerful punch. Its compact design is matched with robust performance, ensuring you get the job done efficiently every time.

User-Friendly Operation

With intuitive controls and a comfortable operator environment, these forklifts are designed for ease of use, reducing training time and enhancing productivity.

Excellent All-
Round Visibility

The clear-view mast and overhead guard of the Toyota Traigo gives operators an excellent view of the load and the environment they’re working in.

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