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(E) Toyota Triago 24v, 1 – 1.5T (3 Wheel)


Power: Electric
Load Capacity: 10 - 2000 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 7500 mm
Voltage: 24 - 48 Volt


Toyota Traigo (1.0t-2.0t)

3-Wheeled Electric Toyota Traigo Forklifts are some of the most versatile and manoeuvrable Forklifts on the market! With their 3-wheel design, they can turn on a dime, making them perfect for tight spaces.

They also have a wide range of lift heights and capacities, making them ideal for a variety of applications. And because they’re electric, they’re extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for a versatile, efficient forklift, then a 3-Wheeled Electric Toyota Traigo Forklift is the perfect choice.

Check out the 3-Wheeled Toyota Traigo Electric Forklift Trucks – they’re compact, powerful and easy to use.

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System of
Active Stability (SAS)

As the first active system for controlling Forklift stability, the SAS provides advanced technology for unmatched and increased safety and productivity during load handling.

Quick Battery

Spend less time changing batteries and more time working! These Forklifts feature a lift and roll out battery extraction method for quick battery exchange.


The mini levers in the armrest of the truck offer smooth, fingertip control over lifting, lowering, tilting and side-shifting functions.

Excellent All-
Round Visibility

The clear-view mast and overhead guard of the Toyota Traigo gives operators an excellent view of the load and the environment they’re working in.

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