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Toyota Tonero 2.5t LPG Counterbalance Forklift


Extensive 3-year warranty.

Available from £89.34 per week on contract hire.

2x Models available.

Coming Soon.

Power: LPG
Load Capacity: 2500 kg
Max Lift Height: 4700 mm
Fork Length: 1100mm
SKU: 02-8FGF25 Category: Availability: 2 in stock


Toyota Tonero LPG Forklift

  • Additional Headlights: Additional Headlights On Mast
  • Attachment/Piping: Integrated Side-shifter With A410
  • Beacon: Lower Flashing Beacon
  • Forks: Long Forks 1100mm
  • High Capacity Alternator: High Capacity Alternator
  • LPG Type: LPG Fuel System Exclusive Type Z4
  • Mast: FSV Mast 4700mm
  • Name Plate: Name Plate English
  • Front Tyres: PSC Tyres, Solideal Sidering
  • Rear Tyres: PSC Solideal Divided
  • Alarm System: Back-up Buzzer
  • LPG Connector: UK LPG Connector
  • Seat: Grammer MSG 65 Vinyl PREMIUM Seat
  • LPG Remaining Fuel Warning Device: LPG Remaining Fuel Warning
  • UKCA Certification: UKCA Certification
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