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BT Levio 1.6t Pedestrian Pallet Truck

Available from £36.61 per week on contract hire.

6x Models available.

SKU: LWI160 Category: Availability: 4 in stock


BT Levio

  • Easy to manoeuvre, suitable for medium to heavy-duty horizontal transportation and order picking
  • Fingertip control for drive, lift and lower with unique Click-2-Creep feature
  • Castorlink System for optimum stability
  • Clear and safe view of the forks
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, monitor & improve
  • Model: LWI160
  • Handle: Option Turtle
  • Start Up: PIN-code Keyboard
  • Drive Wheel: Polyurethane
  • Fork Wheels: Bogie, Polyurethane
  • Border: Steel
  • Climber Skids:Climber Skids
  • Built In Charger: Built In Charger 30Ah
  • Outlet: 5V USB Outlet
    Reduced Speed With Lowered Forks
  • Manuals: English
  • Regulations: CE
  • Equipped With Battery: Built In Battery
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery 50Ah
  • I-Site: I_Site Ready

Available in the Midlands

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Fork Width
520 mm
Fork Length
1150 mm

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