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LPG – 1.5 to 3.5T


Power: LPG
Load Capacity: 1500 - 3500 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 7000 mm
Transmission: Hydrostatic or Torque Converter


Toyota Tonero LPG (1.5t-3.5t)

If you’re looking for a tough and reliable Forklift that can handle heavy loads, the Toyota Tonero is the perfect choice. With models ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes, there’s a Tonero to suit every job.

These tough trucks are powered by LPG, so they’re environmentally friendly as well as economical to run. And with a range of safety features including seatbelts, operator presence sensors and emergency stop buttons, you can be sure your drivers will be safe while they’re putting the Tonero through its paces.

So if you need a Forklift that’s up for any challenge, choose the Toyota Tonero – the easy choice for all your Material Handling needs.

Check out the Toyota Tonero LPG Forklift Trucks – with models available for any application.

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System of
Active Stability (SAS)

As the first active system for controlling Forklift stability, the SAS provides advanced technology for unmatched and increased safety and productivity during load handling.


Designed in-house, the engine is specifically designed for industrial applications and allows quick acceleration and optimised fuel efficiency.

All In One

The dashboard display is easy and intuitive. The controls are all integrated in one place with one single display for enhanced productivity and optimum comfort of operators.

Excellent All-
Round Visibility

The clear-view mast and overhead guard gives operators an excellent view of the load and the environment they’re working in.

Additional Model Options.

trans 2
Transmission (HST)

The Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) enables Hydrostatic Drive, which features quick changes in direction, powerful automatic braking and acceleration.

trans 1
Torque Converter

In comparison to Hydrostatic Transmission, Torque Converter Transmissions are ideal for longer travel distances and smooth overall driving.


The Tonero also has specific models available as a compact version. Thanks to its small dimensions, the Tonero Forklift Truck navigates in narrow spaces with ease.

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