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UKMHA Accreditation

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We’re not just better; we have the proof.

In a market brimming with material handling equipment options and bold claims of superiority, identifying the true leaders is key. Unlike many, Easy Truck Material Handling doesn’t just claim excellence; we demonstrate it.

As an acclaimed Toyota dealer, Easy Truck is spearheading industry standards across the nation. Our recognition comes from none other than the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA), the country’s leading body in material handling standards, awarding us with their coveted audit accreditation.

Membership in the UKMHA binds us to their stringent Code of Practice. This code is not just a set of guidelines but a declaration of our capability to offer tailored advice, recommend the optimal equipment, and deliver swift, efficient service through our highly skilled engineers. Commitment to using premium parts and maintaining over £5m in insurance coverage further underscores our dedication to quality.

The UKMHA Audit, a rigorous evaluation designed specifically for our industry, sets us apart. Conducted in person by a UKMHA Compliance Manager, this comprehensive assessment of over 100 criteria in essential business operations areas, including safety, health, environmental sustainability, and risk management, distinguishes our operation.

This meticulous process affirms our leadership in the material handling sector, offering our clients the confidence that they are engaging with a company that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and integrity.

UKMHA Compliance Manager Lee Medway carried out the audit, he explains why the process is so important: “The compliance audit is designed to give customers real peace of mind. As an UKMHA audit accredited company, they know that Easy Truck Material Handling has measured up to an industry-led health check and operates to a nationally agreed standard, clearly differentiating it from unaccredited businesses and removes a potentially weak link of traceability and accountability in their supply chain.”

Why would you settle for anything less?