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Toyota Tow Tractors Midlands (Tracto & Simai)


Power: Electric and Lithium-Ion
Load Capacity: 1000 - 50000 kg


Toyota Tow Tractors Midlands

We have a selection of Toyota Tow Tractors including the Tracto and Simai. The Tracto is a pedestrian towing tractor for pulling roll cages, trailers and other logistic solutions on wheels. The Samai is an easy-to-drive tow tractor with low step-in for frequent step-on and off operations in a wide range of applications and distances, indoors or outdoors.

Check out the Toyota Tow Tractor – with models available for any application.

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Model Options.

toy a 3
Tracto Tower
1.2t – 2.0t

This pedestrian-operated tow tractor is designed for easy movement of trolleys and other load carriers on wheels. It is easy to use and can handle loads of up to 1.2 tonnes with minimal effort.

toy a 2
Tracto Order
Picker 1.5t – 3.0t

The higher capacity Tracto offers significant benefits for advanced order picking, long-distance load transportation, or specialised transports within lean manufacturing. Also available with lithium-ion battery system for long working shifts with opportunity charging.

toy a 1
Samai Rider
3.0t – 10.0t

This 4-wheel sit-on tow tractor with rear-wheel drive has compact dimensions. The tractor is easy to drive thanks to the car-like interface. The low step-in makes the tractor ideal for industrial applications, both indoors and outdoors, even for long distances.

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