Preventing forklift hazards at work

Preventing forklift hazards at work

Safety is always the highest priority for businesses and when everybody has a mutual understanding of the safety measures and precautions that need to be carried out in the workplace, it is not hard to work seamlessly without danger and minimises the risk of accidents occurring, with that being said, as with every industry, the material handling industry where forklifts and other machinery is involved, a level of risk is there and there are certain protocols that must be followed in order for everybody to stay safe.

We are sharing some of the most important preventions that should be in place where forklifts are involved in the daily running of your business and working environment.

Correct operating procedures

There are some operating procedures that must be followed at all times when driving and operating a forklift throughout your working day, and making sure you follow these very basic procedures will ensure you stay in check with keeping yourself and those around you safe, minimising the risk of accident.

  • Keeping speeds slow to prevent tipping
  • The use of signals, lights, and warnings
  • Making sure you pay close attention to surroundings and pedestrians
  • Do not surpass maximum load capacities

Safe workplace layout

Making sure your floor plan for your workplace is safe when using machinery and forklifts especially is essential for safety to be a priority.

Clearing all hazards and making sure there is a good path for forklifts to operate easily and navigate is imperative for avoiding accidents, as well making sure floor conditions are of a high standard.

Good equipment maintenance

Forklifts, just like any other vehicles, requires regular maintenance.

All of your forklifts should be in the best condition possible and able to function at the safest level, so making sure you have your forklifts serviced and checked over regularly is essential for making sure you are staying within safety guidelines and minimising the risk of accidents.

Proper forklift training

One of the most important ways to ensure that forklift safety can be at it’s very best is making sure that your operators have the highest quality training available.

Easy Truck offer full comprehensive forklift training carried out by experienced operators who have the credentials to carry out training to the highest standards to your employees.

We offer a full range of training courses for all industries and warehouse layouts which are designed to suit the needs of your business whether that be a training requirement in counterbalance, warehouse, VNA, articulated or access equipment and can complete the courses at your business premises in the equipment’s normal working environment or alternatively off-site at our forklift driver training centre.

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