Hire Or Buy

For people who want to source the best materials handling solutions in the UK. Have safe, effective new, used and quality refurbished forklift trucks to get the job done.

A New Forklift Truck Can Be Yours Without Capital Expenditure

Get cost-effective equipment solutions and service packages that add value to your bottom line!

Hiring your next forklift truck

Short Term Hire

Short term hire provides a fast and flexible source of mainstream equipment without the need to purchase or commit to long term contracts.

Ideal situations for short term hire include:

  • New businesses
  • Equipment VOR
  • Seasonal peaks
  • Special projects
  • Business expansion
Long Term Hire

We can provide competitive hire prices which we can fix for the duration of the hire making it ideal for planning and budgeting purposes.

Flexible Financing Options

Our financial packages include:

Contract Hire

  • This is the most popular method to acquire capital equipment in the UK. Business benefits include flexible packages related to use, fixed costs, financial ratio improvement, tax-efficient and separate to bank borrowing.

Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase

  • This method is a loan secured against the asset. Upon repayment of all the instalments, you obtain title to the equipment. The customer is considered the owner from day one so tax allowances are available and interest charges can be offset.

Finance Lease

  • This option fixes your rental payments from day one but excludes maintenance, however, you have the flexibility to continue using the truck at the end of the contract with an annual hire agreement.

Buy Backs

  • We can also offer to buy back your existing trucks and replace with new, used or quality refurbished equipment on one of the above finance options or outright purchase. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.