Forklift trucks are fast becoming SMART

Forklift trucks are fast becoming SMART

Technology is constantly advancing for smart forklift trucks that communicate with one other to work together in the most efficient possible way. Research is continuously evolving  where engineers are designing intelligent materials handling systems. These research projects are focusing on the design and prototyping of next-generation systems for fleets of autonomous forklifts and materials handling equipment to increase both safety and warehouse productivity.

Is development at the stage where forklift trucks and stackers “talk”  to each other and make andling decisions regarding task and warehouse navigation? Not entirely as in most situations, robotic brains are not usually making decisions. Humans in a centrally located hub are generally programming forklifts and handling equipment to deliver over fixed routes with awareness of other factors.  But systems envisaged for the future are of fleets of self-thinking forklifts that could communicate with one another and consider the order of tasks to be performed on machine learnt technology on an autonomous basis.

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