Forklift Driver Shortages In The UK

Forklift Driver Shortages In The UK

Although most of the attention has been on the shortage of HGV drivers, forklift drivers are now in high demand too with a shortage of qualified drivers available all over the UK. If this shortage continues it could have a real negative effect on the supply chain in the UK, that has already hit so many obstacles in the last month or so.

The CEO of UKWA (United Kingdom Warehouse Association) has stressed the importance of finding a solution to this issue, and the fact that HGV driver shortages have overshadowed the problems the warehouse sector is facing with the shortage of forklift drivers.

Clare Bottle spoke to BBC news to highlight the issue, saying;

“We have fewer workers than we used to have and some of this is down to Brexit. 15% of HGV drivers were EU nationals, but the proportion of forklift truck drivers is 34%. If anything, warehousing has been hit harder than driving by the exodus of people from our workforce.”

So how can we resolve this issue?

Promoting the opportunities as a skilled worker and with the benefits of job security and a competitive salary offered when you become a forklift driver is essential for moving past this problem. Becoming a forklift driver has so many benefits and in a time of uncertainty, job security is highly valued, and when you are looking for forklift drivers, this is something you should be stressing to potential employees.

The warehouse, logistics and material handling sector has recognised the shortage, and have made the efforts to get help from the government to address the issue that can cause a slow down of the supply chain in the UK, that will effect everyone if not resolved, many of the companies in this sector are now offering fantastic increased salary and benefits packages to those who choose forklift truck driving as a career with the commitment to train and excel in the industry.

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